“Thank you so much for all you did today. I am so grateful to you as you seem to be so in tune with all that is going on and know just what to do to take some of the pressure of me in such a natural way…….I went round tonight to put all mum’s ‘outfits’ in her case, how lovely to have them all sorted out. It was nice to feel she had ‘helped’ to pack what she wanted to take. I hope you know how much your special touches help to make Mum feel more independent and make my life a bit easier.

Sue Dudley, Mother of Joyce Miller, Newbury

A visit to Thatcham“You make such a difference to my life. I don’t know what I would do some-days without your visit to look forward to and the opportunity to get out of the house for some fresh air and a change of scenery.”

Joyce Miller, Newbury
Together we have been to Thatcham Discovery Center, Newbury Museum and the library as well as a variety of shops and cafes.

“Jane helps me with my shopping and to do tasks around the house. She is easy to get on with and it is a great relief to be able to call on someone apart from family and friends.”

Barbara (Bobs) Niven, Chapel Row
I have also helped Barbara prepare for lunch with friends
and taken her to the optician.


” Enjoying a cup of coffee and a chatTime flies by on a day out with Jane, it beats staying indoors on my own any day.”

Frank Letts, Hungerford


“Jane has helped me with many things. I had problems with budgeting so Jane helped me contact the TV licensing office so that I was able to set up fortnightly payments.  She also looked at my phone bill and found that I was contacting directory enquiries a lot because I kept losing people’s phone numbers. They would then connect me to the number and charge me at a premium rate. I learned to write the number down and dial it myself which reduced my phone bill considerably. Another time Jane went through my wardrobe, she tidied and hung up clothes that I wanted to keep and bagged up others to discard. She also did the same thing with my airing cupboard. I also had trouble with my TV and my central heating controls. Jane helped me and patiently reminded me how they work.  Sometimes we would go to the chemist to pick up my prescription or go into town so I could pop into the bank and get some money.”

Jane, Newbury

Eddi“I have been unwell and my phone company have been charging me for an extra line that I have never used.  I tried to sort this problem out on my own with no success. Jane encouraged me to persevere. She stuck with me week by week in phoning the company ’til eventually they got the message, when things got tough I would pass the phone to Jane and she would continue with the phone call while I calmed down. She is now helping me with a letter to the company for them to refund the money that they have taken. It is frustrating and hard but with Jane by my side I believe we will succeed.”

“I have now received my backpay. Thank you so much for your help. Without it I would not have followed this up in any way.”

Eddi, Thatcham

“When I moved into my new flat it was important for me to make my mark and make it feel like my home. I love bright colours and Jane helped me to buy and fix a brand new pink toilet seat in my bathroom.”

Kelly, Newbury

“On a recent visit Jane made the comment that she could smell gas. I couldn’t smell anything. Together we made a call to the gas board. They sent someone out and it turned out that my gas boiler was faulty. I don’t go out much and couldn’t detect the gas, without Jane’s help the problem could have been much more serious.”

Doreen, Newbury

“Jane used to pop in and help me with my post and deal with anything complicated. One day while she was here she helped me follow the instructions for resetting the TV channels when all the transmitters changed.”

John, Newbury

“Jane used to pop in and have a cup of tea and a chat. One of my worries was what would happen to my money when I die. Jane put me in touch with someone who would come to my house and write a will for me in the comfort of my own home.”

Irene, Newbury

“I think what Jane is doing is admirable. She is very sincere and I would have no problem recommending her to others.”

John, Hungerford

Carolyn“Jane was instrumental in sorting out both practical and financial difficulties for a particularly vulnerable member of our congregation. Her patience and creativity marked her out as one well equipped to intervene in situations of need. I would be pleased to commend Jane as ideally equipped to assist those who find themselves requiring encouragement and assistance in their homes.”

Carolyn, Greenham

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